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Posted: August 24, 2012 in Music Production
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Music Production has com on a long way since the days I started producing music.

There was a time where you had to physically take yourself and may be your instruments down to the local recording studio in order to record your music track and vocals.This was very time consuming and often expensive especially if you need more time to perfect your music recording and the studio has other artist and musicians booked in to use the studio.

More often than not you could not get the right recording first time so you would have to go back to the studio an number of occasions and before you know it you have spent hundreds of pounds on just one track.Sure mor professional record companies still use recording studios to get that perfect sound but if you are a new artist with a budget the size of a mustard seed then recording studios are not really an option.

But fear not my budding music producers help it at hand, yes the internet is here, like I said things have moved on. There are loads upon loads of music productions programs from the cheap and nasty to the top quality recoding studios use.

Some of the cheaper music production software on the market may not be the best in quality but its a start, and we have to start somewhere right if our budget is next to zero. I did I used some of those cheap programs and the do have limitations but they where a good starting point and I still use them today in certain applications.

Has time passes technology becomes more advanced, computer hardware becomes more faster and reliable along with the music production software ,thing start to be more cost effective in music production for the beginner and or the person who is a musician with a very limited budget.

The thing is that having your own (mini) studio in your office or bedroom, it allows you to be more creative with all the time you need, don’t get me wrong recording studios have their purpose to the big wigs in the music industry and the sound engineers who work in them have some serious skill, but to Joe Blogs on the street who wants to give it a go at making his or her own music track probably will not be able to afford the cost of hiring a recording studio.

Of course the more advanced the music production software is the more it will cost to purchase it, but having it means you have more time to be creative, to experiment with new sounds, to make your own sounds, the possibilities are endless to your creative flare,  and of course you can come back to it as and when you like and it wont cost you another £100 or so for the studio hire.

later on when you have become more of a pro at music production and you need to hire a recording studio for vocals then yes recording studios do have their purpose and 9 time out of 10 the guy who mixes the track are good at what they do.

But as a beginner dont be put off with the cost of studio hire and throw in the towel before you have evan struck a note, there are alternative out there to begin you creative journey.

One such piece of software I have come across has just been lunched this year and looks a tidy piece of kit, so much so even the music production pros are using it. It is even fairly reasonable priced for this type of productions software and seem to be one of the best on the market today.

I alway kind of looked out to see who is using the software in the music industry, it kind of  confirms that its either qite good or the oposite. In this case its quite good with loads of features that are not normally featured on this type of music productions software in its price range.

So if you are a budding music producer who is looking for a reasonable priced bit of software then take a look, like I said the possibilities are endless to your creativeness.

Check it out   Here


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